Photo:©Sergio Sandoval-A

We organize expeditions that combine volunteering activities in our project’s site and explorations in mountain tapir territories in Colombian Andes


Photo:©Sergio Sandoval-A

Our first activity is usually a visit to our base study site in the mountains of San Agustin. There you can learn about our research work in a mountain tapir community management area. You will also be able to do volunteer work in various activities within the framework of our community project.

Puracé volcano at Puracé National Park

Photo:©Sergio Sandoval-A

Our next destination will be a visit to Puracé National Park, which is another important area of distribution for the mountain tapir. There we could stay at the park and explore around looking for signs of mountain tapir presence while helping to collect information to feed the databases of the Park. A direct observation of the species although difficult is possible in the open paramo.

Mayo and Sedona at Cali Zoo

Photo:©Sergio Sandoval-A.

After Puracé we’ll visit the city of Popayan, from where we travel to Cali, to visit Cali Zoo, one of the only three zoos in the world with mountain tapirs. There you can meet Mayito and Sedona and there it could be posible to volunteer at the zoo for one day.

Otun river watershed

Photo ©Sergio Sandoval-A

After Cali, we’ll travel to the coffee region where we’ll visit the Otun river watershed, where an important population of mountain tapirs lives at Ucumari Regional Park. Due to the high density of mountain tapirs in the area, there could be possible to watch them with some luck. We’ll stay at El Cedral, a good spot also for bird watching. We’ll meet a local NGO who works for the conservation of wild animals in the area, including the mountain tapir.

A mountain tapir photographed at Otun River Watershed

Photo ©Sergio Sandoval-A

If you want to join us for an expedition, please contact us through our whatsapp link on the right of your screen or write us to

Cock of the Rock at Puraguá mountain tapir community management area. Photo: ©Sergio Sandoval-A

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