Donate throung PayPal

PayPal offers our supporters an easy way to donate, whatever, through credit cards or from funds already keep in PayPal accounts. You just simply make click in our PayPal donation button and you’ll be directed to the PayPal site where you can confirm that your donation will go to Mountain Tapir Project. Just decide the amount of your support and follow the instructions so you’ll be joining to our efforts to conserve the mountain tapir in the Andes. You can also decide to make a monthly donation and become one of our patrons. We really appreciate your support!

Donate locally in Colombia

You can easily donate in Colombia, using our Bancolombia button shown above. It will take you to the web page of the bank, where you can confirm that the donation goes to Proyecto Danta de Montaña. Then follow the instructions and join us to help us to conserve the mountain tapir.

If you find easier to donate to us in  different way from Colombia, please let us know filling up this form

    Donate an infrared camera

    We use infrared cameras not only as a tool for collecting data to analyze mountain tapir ecology, but also as a tool to involve local communities on tapir conservation. When we receive reports of hunters killing tapirs, we notice that those reports came from places where local communities are not involved on data collection with trail cameras. For that reason, we thought about the idea of making hunters to change their guns for cameras, so they can hunt images for mountain tapir conservation.

    We constantly need to acquire new cameras to involve more local people in the project or to replace the ones that get damaged. You can donate a camera through Amazon or other sellers that ship to Colombia. We generally use Bushnell infrared trail cameras, but you can donate any brand. If you decide to donate a camera, please fill the form below so we can send you details regarding, name of receiver, shipment address and phone number. Thanks for considering to support our work. Together we can make a difference for mountain tapirs in the wild!

    Infrared camera donation form

    Please, provide your name and e-mail and we’ll send you shipment details

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