Mountain Tapir Forever Documentary

This is a short documentary where we explain the focus of our field work. We consider that the future of the mountain tapir depends on the conservation of extensive areas of montane forest and paramos. But as the Andean ecosystems are continually suffering fragmentation processes, it is imperative to maintain the connectivity between the last refuges of the mountain tapirs in the Andean forests above 2500 meters. In our pilot project carried out in San Agustin Huila, we work along with local communities in the identification of the best alternatives for conservation of mountain tapirs and benefits for people. We combine education with sustainable development and ecological research.

Mountain Tapir Forever Documentary

Video Host: Oscar Wilson/ Camera: Sergio Sandoval/ Editor Hal Wilson/ Field Crew: Hector Males Silva

Local communities involved on scientific research

Former hunters and other members of local communities had changed their perception about wildlife and now they understand the importance of protecting and conserving mountain tapirs and other species like the spectacled bear and the puma. This documentary was aired on the main public tv channel in Colombia. Now people around the country know details about the work of community based wildlife monitoring groups, like Huellas del Macizo Association, our local partner in the Puraguá Tapir Corridor Project, our pilot initiative in Colombia

Climate change us forever

Local communities in the municipality of San Agustin, in the south of Colombian Andes, became interested on their natural resources, then they got involved on biodiversity monitoring using camera traps. Mountain Tapir Forever has joined them in order to develop a strategy that helps on the conservation of mountain tapir and the ecosystems associated to the species. We work together with members of the community in the assessment of the connectivity of the Guacharos-Puracé biological corridor, through the Puraguá Tapir Corridor.

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